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  • 10 August 2021
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What are the best practices to implement offline use-case?

One of the main features of our subscription is to use our outdoor app with poor internet reception or no reception with maps and other information downloaded before. 

  • can we check the subscription status while the device is offline?
  • what happens when the reception is very bad but not offline, is it still good to call “Purchases.shared.purchaserInfo” or will it make the UI feel non-responsive?

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Yes, you can call the .getPurchaserInfo() method the same way you would as if the device is offline. 

The latest PurchaserInfo object is cached on the device, and will always be returned first, so your UI will remain responsive. The cache gets updated via the network in the background so it will not block your app.

What this means for your customers is that the subscription status will remain the same as what it was when the device went offline.