Is it possible to share subscription between apps?

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I have few apps and I would like possibility to share subscriptions between them. So if a user is subscribed in one app they would have possibility to use pro features in other apps as well. Is it possible now with RevenueCat?


Best answer by Jens 5 August 2021, 15:53

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We have it on the roadmap to configure different integrations on a per-app basis eventually. Right now the best way might be to either listen to webhooks on your own backend and then forward them to different Amplitude etc URLs based on the `app_id` contained in the webhook; or alternatively you could use a CDP like Segment for this (configure the Segment integration, and then in Segment set up logic that forwards the event to different destinations based on the `app_id` contained in the payload.

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@Jens Got it, thank you!

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Configuring integrations differently per-app within a project is on our roadmap but we don’t have an ETA for it.

Hey @Jens, is it on the roadmap to allow sharing entitlements across apps in different projects?

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Hi @jeffp , that is not on the roadmap and also unlikely to happen, since different projects don’t share a App User ID namespace or entitlements. You could build something using webhooks and promotional entitlements (when you receive a webhook about a new purchase or new renewal from one project, use the REST API to create a promotional entitlement in the other project), though.