Is it possible to move a product to another entitlement?

  • 4 November 2021
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I’m trying to clean up unnecessary entitlements on our RevenueCat account because it wasn’t setup correctly when it was done initially and was wondering if it’s possible to move a product to another entitlement and delete the incorrect entitlement without affecting the end user?

So the situation is the following:
There’s 2 entitlements (A and B), both unlock the same functionalities in the app. 

Most of our different product price subscriptions were added to entitlement A. 

There are 2 product subscriptions added to entitlement B and it was supposed to be just a product price test, so it’s still just unlocking the same functionalities as entitlement A, but entitlement B was created as a mistake that we didn’t realize at the time.  

I want to move the 2 subscriptions in entitlement B to entitlement A and then delete entitlement B. 

The app doesn’t explicitly check for entitlement A or B currently when it unlocks the functionalities in the app.


Based on that info, would moving the product subscriptions from entitlement B to entitlement A and then deleting entitlement B affect the end user in any way in the app?


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Hey @Sanju Varghese!

You can include the same products in multiple entitlements, so you’re safe to add the products from entitlement B to entitlement A. As long as you’re not referencing entitlement B somewhere in your app for access, you’re safe to delete it as well. Worst case, if something doesn’t seem right after deleting it, you can re-create that entitlement at any time!

Deleting the entitlement won’t delete the products from RevenueCat, so even after deleting the entitlement you can add those products to the other entitlement.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Yup that makes sense, thanks @cody !