iOS Test without StoreKit Configuration File

  • 22 March 2023
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Hey guys,I would like some help.I implemented RevCat in my project, I did all the necessary steps, I used the StoreKit Configuration File. In addition, I created another scheme and linked this StoreKit Configuration File.Tests worked perfectly.Modifying to the scheme that does not have the storekit configuration file, it does not find the plans when trying to contract.Now comes my question, I would like to test with an APPLE ID account, I am using an iPhone 7 physical device that does not show the Sandbox Tester anywhere, and I already have 3 accounts registered in the apple store connect.I wanted to understand what process to test the purchase without using the store kit configuration file, to simulate a monthly subscription.Thanks

3 replies

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Hey @Rafael Souza ,


It sounds like you haven't added your sandbox test account to your device yet. To do this, please follow the instructions below:1. On your physical iOS device, navigate to the Settings app.
2. Depending on your iOS version, find the Sandbox Account settings:
  - For iOS 12: Settings > [Your Account] > App Store > Sandbox Account
  - For iOS 13 or greater: Settings > App Store > Sandbox Account
3. Add the sandbox account credentials that you previously created. (Note: the sandbox account credentials won't appear until you've made a purchase using a sandbox account in a development build)After you've added the sandbox account to your device, you should be able to make a purchase using that account, and your transactions should appear in the RevenueCat dashboard. Make sure that the "View Sandbox Data" toggle is enabled in the RevenueCat dashboard navigation bar to see the sandbox transactions.If you still encounter issues, ensure that the Sandbox Test User you created has a valid email tied to it and is verified, as described in the documentation.


More information can be found here:

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Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback. I was able to advance on the revenuecat issue. However, I continue to have problems. When I click on the "buy" button revcat returns me this (more details in the attached image):

2023-03-25 21:24:21.750608-0300 SmartVan[3047:102517] [Purchases] - WARN: 🍎‼️ Invalid Product Identifiers - (







2023-03-25 21:24:21.750797-0300 SmartVan[3047:102517] [Purchases] - DEBUG: ℹ️ 1 completion handlers waiting on products

2023-03-25 21:24:21.751021-0300 SmartVan[3047:98122] [Purchases] - ERROR: 🍎‼️ Error fetching offerings - Error Domain=RCPurchasesErrorDomain Code=23 "None of the products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard could be fetched from App Store Connect (or the StoreKit Configuration file if one is being used).

This could be due to a timeout, or a problem in your configuration.

I saw that it could be a problem with the name of the product on apple, but I checked everything and attached it here too to see if you find something.Can you review and see if I'm missing something? Remembering that the build I tested is without the Storekit Configuration File.Thanks.
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Hey @Rafael Souza,


For a situation like this I recommend creating a support ticket. That way we could dive deeper into this issue. It is also possible that there is a typo somewhere in your code that is causing a purchase to be triggered to a product id that does not exist.