Invalid Play Store Credentials

  • 19 October 2022
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My subscription stopped suddenly. I learned this from a message from a user of my app. The problem is “Invalid play store credentials”. I followed the steps in the document and created a new json credentials file and uploaded it for all of my apps. I also connected each app to google and enabled sub/app api on the google cloud platform. But when I try to make a purchase, google allows purchase but the revenue cat gives the error “Patform exception(11,…...) Invalid Play Store Credentials”. All of the apps are published and had a few subscribers before. I may have mistakenly delete google cloud platform project but I recreated a new one, created api access vs. steps in the document and uploaded the new json file for my apps in revenuacat as I said above. What is the problem?

Thank you in advance.


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2 replies

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After a few hours it started to work properly. I think newly created credentials take time to be valid.

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Glad you got it solved!