Inconsistent Free Trail Eligibility on Google Play Store

  • 10 August 2022
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It seems like the only “Free Trial” option for Subscriptions on Android (Google Play) that RC supports is “Eligibility Criteria: New Customer Acquisition” in Play Store’s offers.  That’s the only backward-compatible offer that RC is accepting, per docs

This offer, on the Google Play side, is only limited to the new customers (either never had this, or never had any subscription(s)).



Now, consider that a user gets this package and cancels the renewal.  After a while, they come back and want to resubscribe to the same package.

  1. On the Google Side, the user is not eligible to the offer. So no 14 days trials.
  2. However, on the RC side, we are receiving the same “14 days trial” intro_offer in the getOfferings() for this user, as a brand new user.

It is causing an inconsistency between what our app is displaying the user in the UI and what they end up buying, which can cause us legal problems down the road.

How can we prevent this?

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