Implementing Custom Logic Between Call to Action and Purchase Action on RevenueCat Paywalls

  • 20 April 2024
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I'm curious if it's feasible to incorporate custom logic between the "call to action" button and the purchase action on RevenueCat paywalls. Here's a more detailed explanation of what I have in mind for my implementation: Upon a user selecting a subscription product on the paywall and tapping the "call to action" button, instead of proceeding with the purchase immediately, I aim to present the option for users to "sign in with Apple." Following successful sign-in with Apple, the purchase process would then proceed. Otherwise, if the user chooses not to sign in, the purchase action would not proceed. Is it technically achievable to implement such functionality within RevenueCat?

Many thanks in advance!

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2 replies

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Hey @jbalt !


Unfortunately as of now you cannot change the logic of what happens between the call to action and the purchase button. I can share this with the team as a feature request, but as of now this is likely not possible and would require custom implementation. 


Thanks @Michael Fogel for the clarification. In case you have the option in the future, I would definitely consider using it. At the moment, I will have to use the custom solution.