I have two RevenueCat projects? Can I connect two separate stripe account to each one?

  • 16 September 2022
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Hi everyone,


I have two projects on one RevenueCat account. I don’t want to have products for the two websites on one Stripe account. So I created two Stripe accounts.

I couldn’t find a way to add separate stripe accounts to each RevenueCat project, but Sharif wrote in this post:

 “we can manually connect one or two additional accounts”

Did I understand it correctly? RevenueCat can manually connect a second Stripe account?


If yes, what would you recommend?

  • Let RevenueCat manually connect second Stripe account 
  • or create a new RevenueCat account for the second Stripe account. So each one RC account would have one Stripe account.


I hope you understand my problem description.


1 reply

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Hi @Kathrin , we currently don’t provide support for this via our web interface, but our support team can probably help you via our backend.