How many subsicriptions are are a reasonable upper limit to have?

  • 12 January 2024
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Hello everybody


I am working on a MVP and evaluating RevenueCat for our usecase.  We will be launching with an iOS and Android app.


The current business plan is to add many new subscriptions over time, each subscription giving access to a different digital experience/products.

Initially this will be 5 or 6, but if successful it will qiuckly become dozens or even hundreds. 


How many subscrptions have people maintained in both stores using RevenueCat?  Does anybody know if there are hard limits?


I am worried about starting down an impossible path!  Any advice/experience in this area would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance



2 replies

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Hey @chris-300ace!

I’m not sure that there are hard limits - however, it’s possible the individual stores won’t allow an unlimited number of subscriptions. For example, we’ve seen cases of Apple being pretty strict about requiring developers to lay out thorough business plans for their product, explain why they need it, etc.

Instead, it may be more effective to build a tiered subscription that allows access to a number of individual digital experiences, rather than a subscription for each individual experience/product.

For example, you could have a tiered system that might look like:
Tier 1: Up to 5 experiences
Tier 2: Up to 20 experiences
Tier 3: Up to 50 experiences

Of course, fitting your needs, etc. - just my thoughts. I’ll let others in the community chime in!


Hi Cody


Thanks for getting back to me.  The response doesn’t fill me with hope that our use case is even possible now.  I will have to get our product team in touch with apple as soon as possible to see what their rules will be