How do you handle anonymous apple emails?

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This isn’t really revenuecat specific, but just a general question that someone here might have some good advice.


How do you guys handle users that use anonymous apple emails? I’m talking about the “ emails

I don’t think apple allows you to use apple-sign-in without it, so I get lots of users that use anonymous emails which is fine.

But when they contact me, they provide their real address and I can’t ever find their account in revenuecat because they didn’t use that email.

Generally they don’t know how to find the email they used and its very difficult to explain how to look it up. How do you guys handle this situation?

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One way to handle this could be for you to store their email in the $email subscriber attribute or create a custom attribute contact_email. To get this, you could have user enter their contact email in your app’s settings. 


Another way could be to have a support form in your app where you have their app user id be sent with the form so you know what user they are, and they could also provide their email here for contact purposes.

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Thanks for the ideas! Yes those would work

I was hoping there was some way to do it without bugging the user, but I guess its necessary.