How do I issue a refund?

  • 1 July 2021
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Refunds are issued differently depending if the subscriber purchased through the App Store or the Play Store. 


App Store

Apple does not allow developers to issue refunds on behalf of users. Users will need to contact Apple customer support directly for a refund. RevenueCat will automatically detect when a refund has been issued by Apple.

If a user requests a refund, you can direct them to the Apple support page:


Play Store

There are multiple ways to refund a customer that purchased through the Play Store:

  • (recommended) Active Android subscriptions may be refunded directly through the RevenueCat dashboard. Click on the respective transaction event on the customer page and hit "Refund" in the upper right. Documentation for reference.
  • Refunds can also be granted programmatically through the RevenueCat REST API.
  • It's also possible to refund users directly through the Google Play console. This is not recommended since RevenueCat cannot track refunds initiated through the Google Play console. 

We recommend granting a refund directly through RevenueCat to keep chart data consistent. Note that refunding a subscription through RevenueCat would also revoke access.



You can grant refunds directly on the Stripe dashboard or through their REST API. It may take up to two hours for the refund to populate on the RevenueCat Customer Timeline. You can also re-post the same subscription to RevenueCat to have it updated immediately. See our Stripe Web Payments documentation for reference. 

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