How can I view sandbox entitlements directly in my app while testing/debugging? (iOS/Swift)

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I have a product linked to an entitlement. When making the purchase in sandbox mode, the entitlement only appears in the RevenueCat Dashboard when the ViewSandbox toggle is on. That’s fine as it is expected behavior.

My question is how I can view those sandbox entitlements on the app?

I’m assuming the best way to verify a user’s subscription status is to check their entitlements, which I believe is done with getCustomerInfo(). However, despite having the appropriate sandbox entitlement, the CustomerInfo.entitlements ALWAYS comes back empty in the app. I understand that the entitlements are in the sandbox, but I’d like to see the app’s behavior when fetching the entitlements.

Is it possible to fetch sandbox entitlements without having to go through the purchase/restore purchase sequence?

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