Help! The iOS App Doesn't Reflect the Status When the Subscription Expires

  • 15 October 2023
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During testing, when the subscription expires, the user still appears to have premium status in the iOS app, even though the RevenueCat server has already updated its status. The app seems to remain in premium status until I close and reopen it multiple times.

I understand this might be an issue with my app. I've implemented a ViewModel and set it to refresh when the subscription status changes. However, it doesn't recognize when the subscription has expired.

How can I address this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

1 reply

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Hey @mario-saputra !


One thing I would recommend setting up here would be platform server notifications in order to make sure that we are updated as soon as Apple updates the subscription information. This is not required to have set up, however doing so can speed up webhook and integration delivery times. If you do not have notifications configured, delays may be approximately 1 hour for EXPIRATION events to be triggered which might be the min issue here.


Let me know if that helps!