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  • 14 June 2023
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Hello everyone,

I am creating a market place where a user can register as a seller and subscribe to publish his products, however i managed the subscription flow, but i am facing the issue is when user logs out and login with different seller account, or he create another account, in that case he would have the same subscription and will be able to publish his products.

I searched and i found something called Restore Behavior but honestly i did not understand it at all, am using react native .


I really need to solve this problem very urgent, any help will be highly appreciate it guys😣

3 replies

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Hey @ahmed-75e63a,

Generally, subscriptions via the App Store and Google Play aren’t suited for this type of multiple-subscription flow, and the stores usually try to limit users to only a single subscription product active at a time per subscription grouping.

Other companies have solved this by instead building a custom system that allows their users to ‘subscribe’ via a custom system based on consumable purchases.

It’s not something RevenueCat provides out of the box, so you’d need to build something custom that relies on consumable IAPs → webhooks to your server to grant users a sort of balance they can then use to ‘subscribe’ for a certain period of time.

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Hello @cody , thanks for your response, so should i use another solution to handle subscription instead of revenue cat? i need your advice

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@cody  please am asking for a little support it’s urgent