Granting Free Access to Non-Subscribed + Subscribed Users

  • 18 October 2023
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Hi all - hope everyone is doing well!

In our app, we have premium access available to users via in-app subscriptions. We are now introducing a ‘promo-code’ system which allows users who are both subscribed/not subscribed to redeem free premium access for a certain duration (1 week, 1 month, etc).

For users who are not subscribed, we can simply grant them promotional access through the RevenueCat SDK. For users who are subscribed, the effect should be that their next billing date gets delayed by a certain duration. Our current approach is to transfer them onto a Promotional Offer within their existing product if they are on iOS, and transfer them onto a new product if they are on Android. In both cases, this promotional offer, and alternative Android product have an initial free period.

Is this the correct approach to achieve this functionality? I am concerned that by doing this, a user will lose out on their already purchased subscription? For example, If i pay monthly, and have 3 weeks until my next payment, if I redeem a code for 1 weeks free access (using the above logic), is my next billing date then in 4 weeks, or 1 week?

I would appreciate any input from anyone who has encountered/solved something similar, or would be able to adivse!


Many thanks.

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Hey @runna !


Our promotional subscriptions dont effect the billing or the stores in any way and are simply just grant that app user ID a promotion subscription/entitlement for a given period. Using this wont push their current subscriptions back in any way since these dont go through the store at all. In order to do what you are trying to do I would recommend looking into offer codes or offers for these users as that would go through the store which might help better fill your needs for these users. 


You can grant these users promotional subscriptions in order to give them access but it would work on the side of whatever subscription they have in the store and could result in these users having a subscription during the time that the promotional is granted. 


Let me know if that helps!