Google play closed testing problem

  • 3 November 2022
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I have been following the revenuecat doc to set up a google sandbox testing. 

I have added testers and uploaded an aab file. 

But I still can’t head to the subscription section and begin to set up any products, it asks me to upload an apk file.

I saw the doc and it says that ”You don’t even need to roll out the release. Just upload the APK.“

I checked the play console and it says under tester that “The link will be shown here when you publish your app.”

The release of the aab is still in review, is it that I must wait for the review to be over before I can continue setting up subscription in play console? Or did I miss something here? 


Thanks a lot for looking into this.

1 reply

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Hey @otechku,

Sorry for the confusion here - I think you’ll need to still wait for the review to finish for your closed testing app. Once it’s been reviewed, you can continue testing.