Export user aliases

  • 12 January 2023
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We’d like to get purchase information about all the users we have in our database. For that, we need to join on the app_user_id. In some cases, it appears as an Alias on RevenueCat.


Is there a way to export those aliases, either in the ETL or in the csv exports?

3 replies

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Hi @Eliot ,

I believe that ETL Exports would fit the bill:

The 2 relevant fields would be `rc_original_app_user_id` and `rc_last_seen_app_user_id_alias`, you can read more about these fields in the documentation I linked above.

Does this seem like it would work for your use case?

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I would need all of the aliases of a user, not just the last_seen one. How can I access the full list?

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Hi @Eliot 

We’re working on new APIs at the moment and one of the endpoints that we support is retrieving a list of a customer’s aliases. If you’re interested in joining the beta to utilize this endpoint, please see the post below for more information: