Ensuring timely monthly item delivery for Pro subscribers

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Hello everyone,


I want to deliver monthly items to our Pro subscribers and I could use some guidance.


My main concern is ensuring that regardless of the subscription type (monthly or annual), our users receive their items on the same date as a monthly renewal would.

Currently, when a user purchases a subscription, I have a backend function that communicates with RevenueCat's REST API to check the user's Pro entitlement status and provide them with the initial items for the first month. My aim is to schedule an event for a future date to facilitate the delivery of the next monthly items.

This raises the question of how to determine the appropriate date each month, especially considering the varying number of days in each month. I'm particularly curious about how Apple or Google handle these differences, as I want to align our delivery schedule with their approach.



I would appreciate any help!

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I just found this RevenueCat Twitter thread but I still don’t know what is the best practice for figuring out the date for giving Pro users monthly items 



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If they are annual subscribers do you set your own logic to determine the date each month based on the initial purchase, and for monthly subscribers you just take the renewal date?

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Hi, I’m not certain on how Apple or Google handle these differences but I have a couple suggestions you could try. One way is as you suggested already, you could just take a month after the initial purchase date. Another way which I believe would be easiest is just to listen to renewal webhooks for the user and grant their package when their renewal occurs. This way you would technically be following the way that Apple and Google handle these differences as the renewals occur according to those stores.