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  • 8 December 2023
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I want to give a couple of people (testers) free access to the paid subscription features of my app. 

I see that I can do this with Promotionals, granting an entitlement to an existing customer. 

However, there are no non-customers listed in my app (which seems reasonable) so I’m supposing I have to get my testers to buy a one month subscription (for example), to get them into revenue cat, then grant them the promotional entitlement. 

Seems a bit backward but fine if that’s the best way to do it. 


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4 replies

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We add a user to our system as soon as we see their app configure the SDK, so you should be able to find these users without purchases and give them a promotional.

If you’re looking on the Customer Lists page, you can show all users instead of the default (Actives):


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@Ryan Glanz I have a FUP question: considering I followed @grin_phi ‘s path (user subscribed to trial/paid version via PlayStore/AppStore) and I want to offer this user a promotion, once I apply the promotion from revenue cat’s side, should I ask them to cancel the subscription from the app stores? I’m afraid if they don’t cancel, they’ll still be charged by the stores:

 Promotional subscriptions are a RevenueCat specific feature and work independently of App Store or Play Store billing and will never: cancel a user's subscription, charge a user, issue a refund, or convert to a paid subscription. docs

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@marcelotprado my understanding is you definitely want to get them to cancel their subscription. 

As you indicate, documentation confirms that RC will not cause the cancellation of a users subscription. 

And, thanks to the integration with Firebase Auth, I was able to give Promotional entitlements to users without them having to purchase. 

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Hi @marcelotprado, like @grin_phi said, have them cancel. Our promotionals feature is independent of the app stores (so don’t show them a paywall when the promotional is active, either)