Can an iOS purchase failure be forced in order to test error handling?

  • 14 March 2022
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I have an AppStore Connect “Sandbox Test User” account with “INTERRUPTED PURCHASES” enabled; This user is signed into the simulator’s iCloud account (I’m using XCode StoreKit file), however the purchase is still successfully being processed. This project is using the RevenueCat 4.0.0 swift package for integration.

Does RevenueCat offer its own method to manufacture/force a failed purchase? Is there something else that must be done to flex error handling code? I plan to attempt the same as above on a physical device as soon as I regain access to my test device… but is that mandatory for purchase interruption to work?

2 replies

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Hi @PracticalEndeavors

Simulator (StoreKit) testing is typically for testing if your purchase flow is working correct, it also does not use the underlying sandbox account. My recommendation here is to test interrupted purchases using a physical device to run your development build. When using a physical device, this will be connect to the sandbox account you registered in App Store Connect. 

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Thanks, I have moved to a physical device to test… However, the interrupted purchase doesn’t register as a purchase error. I can see my error handling catch if i do something like turn off the WiFi connection etc… It would be a fantastic feature enhancement if in the web-console you could force a specific one of purchase errors code.

Thank you for the reply.