Apple’s subscriptions with Family Sharing require restore purchase logic?

  • 31 December 2021
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I have an iOS App that requires users to log in and an in-app subscription to access to Premium features. Currently all available in-app subscriptions are individual and non-family shareable. I would like to start selling new in-app subscriptions that can be shared between all family members. My App currently does NOT implement any in-app subscription restore capability. In your documentation it says that there’s nothing to be done in our Apps to support subscriptions that are set as Family-shareable in AppStore Connect. My question is: is it required or not to implement the in-app subscriptions restore functionality in my App to enable another family member of the user that made the initial Family-shareable subscription purchase to access to the Premium features of my App?

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Hey @Joan

Yes in this case it would be necessary to have a restore button in your App. RevenueCat will detect changes to someone’s receipt with Apple/Google once we have that user’s receipt in our system, but in the case where you have a new user who isn’t in our system we need a way to retrieve that person’s receipt. 

Without a purchase ( in the case with family sharing) we would rely on restoring purchases to do this.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this. 

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Hi Yasmine,


Thanks for your quick answer. It makes sense :) In this case, App with logged in users and family shareable subscriptions, implementing the default restore behavior of ‘Transfering Purchases’ would be the recommended way to go? Implementing the ‘Block Restore’ behavior could lead us to more support issues?


Thanks for your support.