Android (ReactNative) - Product Display Name not included in offering/products

  • 7 September 2023
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On Android, the APIs `.getOfferings().current.product.title` property is returning Android Store value, with appended App name.


<Base Subscription Title> (<AppName>) 
ex. “Pro (My app)”

Shouldnt this display the Display Name / Title from the “Product” section of RC? 

iOS seems to display the name from the Products section of RC.


I did notice this post from 9 months ago. But i dont know if thats an official statement “works as expected” or if its just another user confirming that thats the way it is. 


2 replies

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The display name in RevenueCat is not user facing, it’s only for your convenience in the dashboard.

The product has the app name appended to it because that is how Google reports the product’s name to your app via Billing client. This is standard behavior on Android and Google Play. Apple doesn’t append the app name to your iOS products.

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I just started using RevenueCat yesterday and I’m regretting it and it’s stuff like this that’s the reason why:

  1. why isn’t this clearly spelled out in your docs that Google appends the app name?
  2. why don’t you guys create a separate field with that stripped out so I can actually show the name of my product to users?