A standard routine for handling getCustomerInfo?

  • 11 September 2022
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Currently,  one of my apps calls `getCustomerInfo` on app launch and after any purchase has been successfully processed. Is this sufficient or should it be called more frequently?


I do not understand how it works, but if a user is not connected to the internet, does it assume that the entitlement (if one existed) is still valid? If that is the case, should we be worried that some users may simply disconnect from the internet whenever they launch our app? 


Furthermore, in the event that an error is thrown, how should we handle it in terms of whether or not an entitlement should be granted? Should we just inform the user to try again later?


Thanks in advance!

2 replies


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There is caching for the customer Info in case no internet connection.  So, I wouldn’t worry too much about handling corner cases, that is the beauty of RevenueCat SDK.

In case of errors, in my apps, I don’t grant permission to entitlements, I actually did try that and some lucky users might get all my apps for free, so I stopped being generous.  What I do instead, is lock the feature and hopefully, users will contact me if the issue persists.  Displaying error to users are useless, frustrating, and most likely will be an endless loop.