A Family Sharing transaction refunded

  • 15 February 2022
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We’ve come across a weird Family Sharing transaction, and since similar cases are not described in the RC documentation, we decided to ask it here.


So, we have a user who activated our premium features via Family Sharing, and we can see it through RC (the transaction has the flag "is_family_share": true). The same user has another transaction with the same transaction_id ("is_family_share": true), but it’s a refund. How is that possible if the user who purchased the app initially doesn’t have any refund transactions?

Is this how disabling Family Sharing on the user’s end reflected?


The problem is that Premium stopped working for the user who activated it via Family Sharing, and they claim that they didn’t changed anything on their end.

1 reply

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This question is currently being handled in our ticketing system and we can post the result here when the ticket is resolved.