How RevenueCat Invoices Work

  • 12 March 2024
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RevenueCat calculates monthly billing based on the sum of all tracked purchases within your app, excluding transactions prior to RevenueCat integration and ensuring charges only apply when revenue exceeds the free tier..

Q: How is billing calculated based on monthly revenue tracked by RevenueCat?

A: Our revenue calculation is based on the sum of all purchases tracked by RevenueCat within a given month. Should this total not exceed $2,500, there are no charges applied. Once this threshold is reached, a fee of 1% of the full monthly tracked revenue will be incurred. It's also worth noting that any month where your revenue falls below the $2,500 mark will result in no charges. If you’re on a legacy plan, your pricing will be different. Please reach out to RevenueCat support if you have questions about billing related matters.

Q: Will migrating old purchases into RevenueCat affect my monthly revenue tracking?

A: Only purchases and renewals made after your integration with RevenueCat are considered in your monthly revenue tracking. Pre-integration transactions do not contribute to your tracked revenue nor will they be reflected on your invoice.

Q: Where can I see my currently tracked revenue?

A: You can check this billing period’s tracked revenue by going to your billing page.

Q: Can RevenueCat track revenue from purchases not made through its SDK?

A: RevenueCat is capable of tracking purchases even if they weren't made using purchasePackage or purchaseProduct due to the nature of app store receipt processing. As long as these purchases occurred post-Integration with RevenueCat, they will contribute to your monthly tracked revenue.

Q: I see a “Qty” field in my invoice. What does it mean?

A: The "Qty" on your invoice denotes the total revenue tracked via RevenueCat for the specified billing period. For instance, under the Pro plan, a "Qty" figure of 50 indicates that you've tracked $5,000 in revenue through RevenueCat during that period. Consequently, your invoice will reflect 1% of this amount, amounting to $50.

If you need help with any billing related matters, please contact RevenueCat support.

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