Webhooks only triggers on client interaction

  • 9 November 2022
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Hey! Im using webhooks triggers when testing data (sandbox). The webhooks only trigger when i have the app open or interact with the app. Why is that? Is this the behaviour of webhooks? Does it not trigger and send notification to my server if the user don’t interact with the client?

2 replies

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Hey @Henrik Hellbe!

Can you double check you’ve set up server notifications?

Sounds like this might be related to the shorter sandbox durations, usually we’re able to pick up on it at that pace with server notifications set up, but if the app is open it’ll happen sooner (since the SDK will detect a new transaction immediately and send it to the API).

Shouldn’t be an issue in production, although we’d still recommend having server notifications set up.

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Thanks for your answer Cody! 
So the webhook is trigger independently from the user interactive with the clinet? And should send updates to my server event with the app closed etc?