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  • 5 August 2021
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Hi There,


We are just starting on our RevenueCat journey, so far I have integrated RC with our App and the revenue is starting to roll in, so far so good.

Our Business Model demands that we split the Revenue between different Content Creators depending on the location of our Users, this is easy for other countries, but gets pretty fine grained in our own country since we are splitting according to states (cantons in Switzerland). So I have added an attribute to our Users defining the Region they live in.

Since we have a monthly payroll for our content creators, I need a chart that tells me which user has spent how much in say the month of July and where they are situated.

I can create a customer list putting the most recent purchase between 7.1 and 7.31 but i only see the total amount spent and have no way of knowing how much the User has spent within this time frame.

Is there a way to get this data in one table? Is this perhaps something I should use a 3rd party integration for?


Also on a side note, is it possible to change the currency of the dashboard and data? 


Thank you for your help :) 


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Hi Anselm,

The answer to the question is “no”, unfortunately. There is no way in the product right now to see revenue data filtered by both date and subscriber attributes. We are considering additional ways to filter and segment our charts, but for now, subscriber attributes is not one of the ways to filter / segment, mostly because that would be extremely complex. We will consider your use case in the further design and development, but I can’t promise any out-of-the box solutions any time soon. 

For now, your best bet might be getting transactions out of RevenueCat into your own backend or data pipeline – either via webhooks or ETL exports – and then doing the required calculations there yourself.

Regarding the side question: It is not currently possible to convert the currencies. This is something we might consider in future (have heard this from a couple of customers now), but have no concrete plans to support this for now.

Hope that helps!


Head of Product @ RevenueCat