Seeing a large amount of BILLING_ERROR or BILLING_ISSUE events

  • 25 May 2023
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I’ve been seeing a ton of these events come through and they often lead to cancelation and lost revenue. How can I make sure this isn’t due to some misconfiguration in RC or Apple, or my code set up?

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Hey there, 


Billing errors come from the respective store and we dont have anything reason really for why the error happened in more depth other than the fact that billing issues occur when a user is unable to complete a subscription purchase due to an invalid or expired payment method. When this occurs, RevenueCat sends a BILLING_ISSUE event to webhooks, integrations, and the customer history page.


RevenueCat will only send one billing issue event -- additional payment failures won't trigger additional billing issue events, unless a renewal is successful between payment failures or the subscription ends and is restarted.


More information on Billing issues and grace periods can be found here: