RevenueCat dashboard latency

  • 30 June 2021
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How often is data updated in the RevenueCat dashboard? Latency of data in the RevenueCat dashboard depends on what you're viewing and how you've set up your app. We can break down the data into three categories:

  1. Transactions
  2. Charts and metrics
  3. Customer Lists

Transactions in RevenueCat are new purchases and renewals (including free trials). Transactions will be shown in real-time - this includes the Customer History timelines. For data points other than transactions, things like billing issues detected, auto-renew status changes, etc., will be automatically detected by RevenueCat every few hours, but can be sped up to near real-time by enabling platform server-notifications.

Charts and metrics are continuously computed in batches from a snapshot of the transactions and activity at that point in time. As soon as the calculation finishes, is starts again. The computation takes a couple hours to run - so you should expect that level of latency in the charts.

Pro tip: Hover over the chart tooltip to see the last updated time

Customer Lists in RevenueCat are calculated on demand, then the result is cached for 1 hour. This means the data should be up-to-date if you haven’t viewed a List in over 1 hour, but may be up to an hour stale if your continuously viewing the same list.

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