'New Customers' on dashboard is much higher than expected

  • 23 February 2022
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I am in the process of implementing the RevenueCat SDK and everything seems to be working well, except I am seeing 30+ ‘New Customers’ displayed on my dashboard. Only I am using any version of the app with the SDK implemented, and I have only been testing with two accounts. If I visit the ‘customers’ area, I only see the two expected Sandbox accounts and nothing else.

Why is the New Customers count on the dashboard out of sync with the Customers reports, and why would it be so unexpectedly high?

Update: I am currently testing logging in and out of different accounts (my accounts, not Apple IDs) and restoring transactions (resulting in transfer events). I see  anonymous RC accounts being created in the webhook event. Presumably that is the reason for the count increasing? Am I doing something wrong to generate so many anonymous accounts?

1 reply

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I have now confirmed that I always have a user logged into my app when making a purchase, and am using the login and logout functions of the RC SDK when the user changes. So I’m not sure why anonymous accounts get created. I suppose if the user logs out of my app at some time later (perhaps on the next launch, perhaps sooner?) the SDK is syncing the receipt, finding that no user is logged in, and creating an anonymous user? That is my best guess, and it seems like something I would prefer to avoid. At the very least, I have a lot of these accounts now cluttering up my dashboard.