Merge Users Via Dashboard or REST API

  • 18 January 2022
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Hello All,


How can i identify a user so that the user gets merged with another one?


I Have a case in my app that the user made a purchase and for reasons that we already don't know yet, kept Anonymous. We already identified both users in RC and we would like to merge them so i want to identify RCAnonymousIDxxxxx (The one that has the Entitlement active) to 123456XYZ(his actual user). Doing that he will be able to be premium in our app.


Didn't find anything in the Dashboard nor the REST API. How can i do this?




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3 replies

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This question was resolved through our ticketing system, but just sharing a response here as well: for rare cases like this where you want to merge two user IDs, you can submit a Zendesk ticket and we’ll provide an internal endpoint you can use for this.

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Why is this considered a “Rare” case? A developer error can lead to this happening, so it would be super helpful to have a fall back if that happens.




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+1 on this