(I think it's possible 👉) Add support for detecting promo code purchases in App Store

  • 22 September 2022
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Hey, I know it is “not possible to differentiate” between regular purchases and promo codes you give out for your app on the Apple App Store. I think there’s a way.

This obviously only matters when your audience is small and/or your app is first released and you’re obsessing about your first 100 users, but I think it would help people who are starting out with RC to support this.

I noticed on some transactions I can see in the history that they purchased and cancelled immediately. Like, 100% immediately and have the same `event_timestamp_ms`. 

This clearly indicates a promo code purchase as they do not renew. So surely these can be binned & flagged as promo code purchases when the purchase + unsubscribe happen within say 500ms of each other, and so filtered out from most of the reports? 

I’m sure it wouldn’t be perfect, but it’s got to be better than me having to go in and look at individual transactions or use App Store Connect to show only the true purchases. I’ll die of old aged before the ASC page loads each time. 

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