How to handle cancellation, then quick uncancellation?

  • 25 December 2021
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Hello! In the documentation, you mention that the cancellation webhook may be delayed up to 2 hours, but the rest of the webhooks typically deliver within 5-60 seconds.

Let’s say that a user cancels a subscription, but then reenables it before the cancellation webhook gets sent. In that case, what types of webhooks would I get and in what order would they be in?


would a cancel → resub result in a renewal → cancellation? Or does RC not send the Renewal, since as far is it knows the sub is still active?




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2 replies

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Hey @Jake Shelley 

RevenueCat will send the RENEWAL webhook if the customer ended up renewing their subscription. If a customer cancels the subscription, then reenables it before the CANCELLATION webhook is queued in RevenueCat’s backend, you should just be seeing the UNCANCELLATION webhook. 

If the timing of these webhooks is important to your application, I would recommend setting up Platform Server Notifications. Docs for reference: This will reduce the lag times for webhooks and the app stores will ping RevenueCat directly with any subscription updates.  

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Thank you Tina! The timing is not important as long as the order is correct, so this is perfect.