Differences in trial numbers between Trial Conversion vs Active Trials Movement page

  • 20 October 2021
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I’m noticing a difference in the trial started numbers between the Trial Conversion page and the Active Trials Movement page but not sure why it’s happening. 

This is happening on the new Chart version and here’s the steps we did to reproduce it:

  1. Go to the Trial Conversion page
  2. Set the Date Range to last 90 days and Show to ‘Days’
  3. Note down the number from the Trials column for a specific day
  4. Go to the Active Trials Movement page
  5. Set the Date Range to last 90 days and Show to ‘Days’
  6. The ‘New Trials’ number doesn’t seem to match the number of trials from step 3 for that specific day

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2 replies

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Hey @Sanju Varghese 

This is due to the way each chart represents trial starts. In the Trial Conversion chart, the chart is based on a “cohort”, which is when the customer was first seen. The dates that you see in this chart are cohorts of new customers during the given day, as a result the “Trials” column is the number of trials started for that specific cohort. As for the Active Trial Movements chart, the ‘New Trials’ are the number of new trials started during that period.

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Thank you for explaining that Tina!