Dashboard terminology help?

  • 6 December 2023
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what are the definitions of:

  • New Customers
  • Active User

Where do the Active Trials & Active Subscription numbers add up to 28 in your system as an “active user” v the 409 that your tile shows??

I could use some help on definitions….

3 replies

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Hi! “New Customers” refers to the number of new App User IDs that have been created in the last 28 days and “Active Users” refers to the number of different App User IDs that have used the app in the last 28 days. This would include users who have been given an App User ID, but have not purchased a subscription yet. If you believe that the “New Customers”/”Active Users” counts are too high, you may not be identifying customers correctly and creating new App User IDs somewhere. I would recommend checking out our documentation on identifying customers.

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OK thanks.  I’ll look into this, but from what I can tell, I am using the User Configuration to ID after a user logs in, correctly...I think 😂



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@wes_clark what about “Active Subscriptions” on the charts -- do they include trials?