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  • 30 June 2021
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There are currently 5 engineers dedicated to supporting you, and keeping our community and documentation up-to-date. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of us around here we wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves!



Howdy y'all! Ryan here, I'm on our developer experience team here at RevenueCat, writing in from my home base in San Diego, California (Cardiff-by-the-sea to be exact). I'm really excited to be a part of the RevenueCat Community. Most of my engineering background has been on the iOS side, but I've worked on a few server projects as a backend for mobile apps. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here, and hoping to share as much knowledge as I can as well.

When I'm not building things on computers, I like building physical (e.g. real world) things - it's a great creative outlet that helps me balance screen time. My favorite projects are building custom surfboards. It's so satisfying to be out in nature riding waves on something that you made by hand.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to meeting all of you and growing a community where everyone can share and learn from each other.



😺 I’m Sharif, a RevenueCat developer support engineer
📍 New Jersey (shout-out to all the Rutgers fans)
📱 I’m a hobby app developer (🍎🤖 🪟 🌎)
🔍 Exploring new places is one of my favorite hobbies
🐦 I spend too much time on Twitter (Say hi @msm697)
🍕 ’nuff said

Excited to meet you all in the community!



I'm Cody, one of the developer support engineers here at RevenueCat. Like the rest of the RevenueCat team, I work remotely -- I was born/raised and currently live in Ohio, so I'm active during normal-ish EST work hours.

I was an indie iOS developer for nearly a decade before joining the team, and I love all things Apple. It's known by many that my favorite week of the year is WWDC (yes, I install the iOS/iPadOS betas on my main devices 😱). I have endless side projects I'm regularly working on, and I hope to actually finish one some day 😅

A bit more about me: my wife and I live on a few acres here in Ohio (surrounded by corn fields, of course), which gives plenty of room for our pup to run around. I like spending time outside, when it’s not too hot and my allergies allow it 🤧

Thanks for stopping in to meet me- I hope to see you around!



Hi I’m Jazmine! I’m a developer support engineer here at RevenueCat. I’m based out of Redmond, Washington.

When I’m not at my computer you can find me at the gym or exploring the beautiful PNW with my two puppies ( French bulldog and a Beagle).

Excited to get to meet all of you and grow our community!



I’m Kaitlin, a Developer Support Engineer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

My favorite things are:
🐶 my dog
🎮 playing video games
🌱 gardening
🏔️ hiking and traveling 
🎂 baking 
😸 and of course, helping to answer questions about RevenueCat!

I hope to meet you soon! 

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