It doesn't show the subscription even though I bought it.

  • 9 September 2021
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Even though I made a purchase, the membership seems empty. that's why I got a rejection from Review center. At this point I looked at the redirects on the page but it doesn't seem to work.

First of all, when I connect it to the ios14 china storekit, everything works correctly through the store kit. Purchases are accurately reflected to RevenueCat. Everything is OK. 

But things change when I publish the app on TestFlight. We are doing the subscription process, we also get the warning that it has been done successfully. but when we query via RevenueCat right after, we cannot access the membership information. We go and check the revenuecat dashboard, likewise we see that AppUserId is not assigned there.


more interestingly, when we try to make a purchase again, we get a warning that you already own this item.


Please help

2 replies

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Since you can reproduce this in TestFlight, try turning on debug logs according to our debugging guide which will help you see if the purchase is resulting in an error after being completed. Feel free to share those logs here and we can help pinpoint what’s going on.

Without looking at the logs and just going off of what you shared in your post, I think the issue could be in your App Store Connect configuration. StoreKit configuration files are useful for testing the basic functionality of your app, but TestFlight requires correct setup in App Store Connect. Take a look at the iOS section of this guide for some common configuration errors.

Another troubleshooting technique you can use is to restore purchases and see if the purchase shows up in RevenueCat. If that doesn’t work then you may be blocking restore purchases in RevenueCat, which can cause issues if you’re not very careful about how you identify users.

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You mentioned the “ios14 china storekit” - I believe the RevenueCat API is blocked in China 😔 However if this was the problem I’d expect it to fail during test too 🤔

Sharif’s recommendations and the debug logs sound like the way to go.