Google Payment pending issues

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Most all of my subscription after trial activation go into Payment pending and are stuck there while my subscriptions stay active, over time they auto cancel for billing error.

I am having the same issue but despite of checking for acknowledgement on the next app startup, the payment is still pending.

RevenueCat(s), can I somehow manually call the Google billing api to send the ack back to the Google billing system? Does RevenueCat offer a call that I can make via the API or SDK?


I saw this but it is not answering my question


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Hey @Angelina Ilieva!

Are you initializing the Purchases SDK in Observer Mode? If so, you’ll need to manually acknowledge your purchases or they will be cancelled within a few days.

If you aren’t using Observer Mode, then RevenueCat will automatically acknowledge and consume purchases. If you’re running into a lot of billing errors (and some are being processed successfully), it’s likely that customers are providing invalid payment methods.

You can read more about Observer Mode here:

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Hey @cody  I am using your Flutter SDK. I don’t think Observer mode applies. Am I mistaken?

I am using your service/(and servers that go along with you) to perform any two way confirmation between RC and the store.