Single API GET request for the current full list of subscribers

  • 1 February 2022
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Hi all,

After checking several questions in the community and the API documentation, it is my understanding that{app_user_idwill only get the latest purchase information for the single app_user_id provided.

Is there a way to GET all the current purchase and user_id info from the users actually subscribed or in trial at once?


3 replies

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Hey @Adrian!

We don’t currently have an API endpoint to retrieve all customers that are subscribed (only one user at a time like you mentioned), but you might be able to take advantage of Customer Lists as a workaround in the mean time. By filtering on different attributes (like subscription status) you can export lists of users to take action on.

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it would be great if it would be possible in the future to get all currently subscribed users with one single API request.

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revenuecat api is open source? I want implement that feature , I think is an important feature, why we can't get active users with an api request? :(