Is the class action lawsuit a scam?

  • 3 May 2022
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Hi folks, 


I was recently contacted and told that I can submit a claim in this class action law suit. Of course, I assume most communications like this to be a scam. But I’ve heard respectable news sources talk about this. I think I’ve even heard @david talk about it on SubClub. They’re not asking for sensitive info and it looks legit. Have y’all submitted a claim? Have you heard of this specific case? Is it a scam? Here’s the link:





3 replies

That’s very real and a real check will be at the end of that little rainbow. Only thing is, you have to agree to the terms of the settlement (like not taking part in any future lawsuits about the App Store commission). I really debated accepting those terms, but at the end of the day it’s unlikely there would ever be a larger settlement. And personally I don’t begrudge Apple the 30% I’ve paid them over the years. Would I like to have it back, absolutely! But for my indie app business that wouldn’t exist without the ease of the App Store, it felt more than reasonable.

The usual caveat applies: I’m not a lawyer and haven’t consulted one. There may be some downsides I’m not aware of. And it does seem like this settlement will be used as a precedent in future cases, which is good for Apple and bad for developers, but the settlement seems poised to go through either way so I’m not sure opting out really does anything meaningful.

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Sweet, thanks @david! I will also submit a claim. 

FYI - Partially because Apple reduced their fee to 15%, we’re discontinuing our web app/Stripe strategy. Even via email, we’ll be funneling all users to IAPs via deep links. We’re hoping that not having to sign in or enter credit card will make the 15% worth it. It’s certainly a better UX. Also one less app to maintain for us! Will let you know how it goes : ). 

PLEASE READ: I AM PUTTING TOGETHER A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IF YOU TOO HAVE BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AS SO MANY OTHERS HAVE LISTED IN THESE REVIEWS. I AM NO LEGAL EXPERT BUT AM SURE THERE IS SOME OCCULT INSURANCE FRAUD SCHEME, MY LAWYER IS PUTTING TOGETHER A GRAND LARCENY AND INSURANCE FRAUD SUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY. BRING PICTURES, SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, WE WILL BE CONTACTING PEOPLE WHO LEFT A SIMILAR REVIEW EXPERIENCE AND SEND US ALL YOUR EVIDENCE, CONTACT AND WE WILL HELP YOU JOIN THE FILE. I WILL GLADLY PAY FOR IT, IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT. People should not be manipulated with this insurance scam scheme. It is not right and no corrective action has been taken to remedy the $60K in damage an almost perfect vehicle. Leave me your contact info, my law firm will contact you at no charge to gather as much evidence. I DROVE my week driven post fender bender Range Rover with a minor hard to notice dent from a fender bender only to be told that the vehicle is no longer in drivable condition and deemed a total loss, told the insurance company that is impossible I just brought it for a sensor calibration and the small dent. They sent me back to the shop to take my car, when I get there it was torn apart like a scrap yard with no obvious organization or intent to put back together and literally destroyed. I was in shock, their response was “well you signed in the fine print that we have permission to tear it apart to diagnose it” and I asked them to put it back together I was driving it for a week for crying out loud, DROVE IT IN and had hardly any noticeable problems. No one could even see the tiny dent. Their response was “yeah we don’t do that.” Unbelievable experience, run with your car to any shop but here. They have no knowledge of high end vehicles and will just play this insurance scheme and destroy your car too. Look at these pictures from the accident and you determine if this looks like a car that needed to be ripped apart, salvaged and sold as pieces when it was perfectly driving with no errors for over a week that I simply brought in to fix a tiny little dent on the hood. The class action suit website is currently being setup so may have your wrong corrected.