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  • 3 August 2021
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How can I get raw data about my receipts?


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RevenueCat parses out the data from receipts and makes it available in a few ways:

  1. Via our REST API
  2. Using customer lists to view and export lists of customers based on filters you set
  3. Webhook notifications and other analytics integrations
  4. Daily ETL exports which contain all of your app’s transactions across your user base

RevenueCat abstracts away a lot of the small details contained in receipts so you get a simplified view of the data in the receipts. The different APIs contain varying amounts of information, so take a look at the guides I linked above to find the best option for your use case.

We don’t have any APIs to get the raw data of the receipts but if you need them for any one-time tasks or migrations we’d be happy to help - just reach out to the support team using the support form in your account settings.