FB app install events stop collecting after I integrated FB with RevenueCat

  • 29 July 2021
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I integrated the FB SDK according to your documents and after the release I did not see AppInstall events in the FB Console.

I assume this is because I disabled automatic FB event tracking and all RC sends is subscription events.

I can't use the AppActivate event because it can't be related to ad campaigns.

Can you explain if I might have made a mistake somewhere when linking FB and RC.


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6 replies

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Hey @Artem!

Did you follow this part of the documentation yet to track install and usage events after disabling automatic FB event tracking? You’ll need to call Facebook’s activateApp() event after configuring.

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@tina  Hi, yes I did

Activation events I can see in fb analytics, but installation doesn’t.


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Hi @Artem!

Sorry for the delay here, missed this reply. It looks like Facebook updated their SDK and deprecated the method for activateApp . I tried looking for alternatives in their documentation and found the event param FBSDKAppEventNameActivatedApp for activate app, but looks like it just tracks the launch of the app and not installation. Are you able to reach out to the Facebook support team what they recommend to track installation?

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@tina  Hello, thank you for information. Yes, I will reach out with FB support, stay tuned.


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@Artem Did you ever find a solution to this? @tina does this mean the integration docs are not updated?

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@Artem & @Joseph Greenberg: Checking if you were able to address this issue, currently facing the same where activateApp is not being recorded in Facebook Events after disabling AutoLogging for RevenueCat.