Refund and revoke a Google Subscription returns "code":7227,"message":"Content-Type not application/json"

  • 24 November 2021
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I'm trying to use this endpoint but it always returns the same error. 

{"code":7227,"message":"Content-Type not application/json"}

I tried a few options of the Content-Type but nothing changed. 

curl --request POST \

     --url****/subscriptions/****/revoke \

     --header 'Accept: text/plain' \                                   

     --header 'Authorization: Bearer *****' \

     --header 'Content-Type: text/plain'

Thanks in advance.


Best answer by tina 8 December 2021, 01:22

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9 replies

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Hey @Cadu Thiesen !

In your headers Accept and Content-Type these would need to be application/json . You can reference the example request in the REST API documentation: 

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Hi @tina . Thanks for the reply.

But, I tried a few different options (the first one being as the documentation says) and unfortunately nothing worked :/


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Hey @Cadu Thiesen 

When you tried utilizing application/json was there a new error message that you saw? 

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Hi @tina .

No, always the same error. Which prompted me to try other content-types. 

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Hi @Cadu Thiesen have you found a solution mate? ran into this trouble also 

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Hi @Dean Villamia. Unfortunately, no… I ended up doing it in the customer history page. 
Clicking in "View detail" on the customer history "Started subscription" and them in refund on the event details header.


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I see, thanks for the quick reply!! 


I am still seeing this error on the RC API web client - the headers are set in the example request, but the response is always 

"code": 7227,
"message": "Content-Type not application/json"


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Same here, I am executing the sample code in the revenue cat documentation using the “try it” button and this is the result: