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Hi! I am wondering how Twitch does a generatic subsciption IAP. Looks like they have only one subscription “1Sub Token”, but when you try to subscribe to individual users, it displays the username next to the checkout flow. E.g., in the screenshot “Subscription - Asmongold”.


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Is this something possible with RC?

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Hey @jhk!

Without creating individual products for each individual subscriber, this type of setup isn’t possible without some custom backend logic. Creating individual products quickly becomes burdensome as your app grows.

Instead, apps implementing this type of behavior opt for using consumable `token` in-app products, then build a custom system for spending those tokens on individual subscribers to represent being “subscribed” to a user/creator.

On RevenueCat’s side of things, you can rely on webhooks to get alerted in your backend when a user makes a purchase for a specific product so that you can deposit tokens into a user’s account:


Hi @cody thanks for the response. It does look like Twitch used to use a consumable token but moved away to single subscription. See the text on the native popup “Subscription - Asmongold”. Does this mean they are invidually creating subscribers to all their partners?