"Your first subscription must be submitted with a new app version" in App Store Connect

  • 5 January 2024
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I made app updates and in the new version, there is no subscription. In Features - Subscription I made a new subscription and added that new product to RevenueCat. After I uploaded a new version of my app to the App Store but still got this error and no subscription in my released app.

Do you have any idea how can solve this issue?

Thank you!

3 replies

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Hey @hanna-che-79c923 ,


Can you please send the error that you are receiving? It sometimes takes new products around 24 hours to propagate throughout the App Store, are you still experiencing this or have the new products started to show up? 

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Hey @hanna-che-79c923 ,


Another note here, If the app has never been released on the App Store, it must be released before in-app purchases will work in production (even if you download with a code). We recommend releasing and waiting up to 24 hours to ensure purchases work before starting marketing/release campaigns.


@Michael Fogel can you please add this recommendation to this article?

Spent some time debugging it now