Wrong Trial Date in Android

  • 17 August 2023
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I have an app that offers both Light and Pro subscriptions.

A user subscribed to the Light subscription on 08.10.2022. Today, the user upgraded to the Pro subscription. The Pro subscription comes with a 3-day trial period. However, I've noticed that the expires_date is now set to approximately 18 days. Could someone explain this to me?

3 replies

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About the Free Trial i found that:


The user loses the free trial immediately. The price difference for the remaining period is then charged to the user. The next billing date remains unchanged.

Currently thats not true for my customer. Even if i set the IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_PRORATED_PRICE


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That behavior is explained here:,will%20end%20access%20to%20the%20free%20trial. The billing cycle of Light continues with Pro. When the user upgraded, they paid a smaller amount to upgrade to Pro but their expiration date stays the same as when they were on light. I’m not sure about the free trial aspect - you can check in Google Play Console to see if the information for the subscription matches RevenueCat. If not, send us a message via your account so we can look into it: 


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more Infos: it only happends if a android user made a upgrade. 

i set: