Should getCustomerInfo() return Family Sharing subscription status?

  • 2 November 2022
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The below Swift code works for authenticating subscribed purchases but does not always work for family sharing (Family Sharing is recognized by Apple but revenueCatManager.isSubscriptionActive returns false).

Purchases.shared.getCustomerInfo { (customerInfo, error) in
                if customerInfo?.entitlements.all["Regular"]?.isActive == true {
                    revenueCatManager.isSubscriptionActive = true
                    let purchasedProductSet = customerInfo?.activeSubscriptions
                    for purchasedProduct in purchasedProductSet! {
                        product_id += purchasedProduct
                    let expireRenewalDate = customerInfo?.expirationDate(forEntitlement: "Regular") ?? Date()
                    let formatter = DateFormatter()
                    formatter.dateFormat = "MMM d, y"//"EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy h🇲🇲ss a zzzz"
                    renewalDate = formatter.string(from: expireRenewalDate)
                } else {
                    revenueCatManager.isSubscriptionActive = false


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3 replies

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Hey @Peter Bonac

For Family Shared purchases, the customer may need to `.restoreTransactions()` to sync the device receipt with RevenueCat and unlock access. 

Calling getCustomerInfo() checks the server-side subscription status from RevenueCat and is not directly reading the device receipt. 

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Hi @ryan, thank you for the info. 

It was my understanding that checking the “server-side subscription status from RevenueCat” every time someone opens the app is the proper approach. Is this not the case?

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Hey Peter,

Your approach is correct, but those customers with a Family Shared subscriptions will need to restore purchases once to let RevenueCat know to unlock access.