RevenueCatUI.PaywallError 2 Issue

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Despite everything matching correctly on the Apple Connect and RevenueCat sides, I am receiving the error "The RevenueCat dashboard does not have a current offering configured." I have deleted and re-added all offerings and products several times, but the issue persists. Additionally, the product prices I added to the paywalls do not match the subscription prices configured in Apple Connect; instead, default prices are displayed, which seems unusual.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Best answer by jeffrey_bunn 5 June 2024, 17:31

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Hi @cagri-e60814! Have you selected an offering to be your default offering? Click the triple dot icon under “Actions” and select “Make Default”. Here’s what this looks like:

Regarding the prices, are you talking about what the paywall looks like in the RevenueCat dashboard, or in your app? The dashboard will show default prices for illustrative purposes, but the real paywall in your app will have localized prices.

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@jeffrey_bunn Thank you, this answer solved my problem.

I am currently facing another issue. In my application tested with TestFlight without a sandbox account, the purchases I make do not appear on the RC chart.

I created a sandbox account, but when I download the app in TestFlight, it uses my default App Store account. Do I need to completely sign out of my existing App Store account and log in with the sandbox account?

When testing purchases in the simulator, the loading bar keeps spinning when I press the purchase button on the paywall, and I do not receive a transaction completed message.

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@cagri-e60814 Glad it helped! Please ensure you check the “Sandbox data” in the dashboard to view sandbox purchases (TestFlight is still considered sandbox). It’s a bit confusing, but we have a nice post on all the peculiarities of the various testing environments Apple provides that I think you’ll find helpful:

Simulator testing requires StoreKit - have you set this up?