iOS ad hoc debug - Sandbox user only has monthly access

  • 25 January 2022
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I am trying to debug my iOS app with console.  When i set up my sandbox user, i could only select a monthly subscription.  My app offers a weekly and a monthly.

In addition, my logger messages do not display my available packages.  I see that i have 2 packages set up, but they are displaying as <private>  Is there any way to display them?


Thanks for your help!


3 replies

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Hey @Dunwiddie 

We have a similar implementation on our sample app that’s worth checking out: 


There’s an extension example you can use (see the bottom of the link I shared) and order these products by SubscriptionPeriod . Would this work for you?

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Hi @Dunwiddie 

We have an example on how to display available packages in our example Swift sample app here. For your weekly product, does product identifier set in RevenueCat match exactly with what’s configured in App Store Connect (ASC)? Is the product also in a “ready to submit” state in ASC?

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Hi Tina,


I figured it out, and how to display them in a tableview, rather than just hardcoding buttons (like i did with my android app).

My question, and it’s not that big of a deal, is order.  My monthly was created before my weekly and therefore displaying on the screen first.  Is there a way to reorder them so that the weekly displays before the monthly?