do revenuecat-stripe purchases work for web in an expo app?

  • 7 March 2024
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I developed an EXPO app for ios, android and web. I am able to successfully purchase using Revenuecat in android and ios devices, but the web version doesn’t trigger the stripe payment screen.


I get this error. I thought that revenuecat will help me to seamlessly trigger IAP regardless of the platform?

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isConfigured')
    at Purchases.isConfigured (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:67623:26)
    at Function.<anonymous> (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:67631:46)
    at step (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66197:19)
    at (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66146:16)
    at AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66120:69
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at __awaiter (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66102:12)
    at Purchases.throwIfNotConfigured (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:67626:14)
    at Function.<anonymous> (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66427:46)
    at step (AppEntry.bundle?platform=web&dev=true&hot=false&lazy=true&transform.engine=hermes&transform.routerRoot=app:66197:19)


I have revenuecat installed in my stripe account


the products are there setup in RC 

what am I missing? maybe expo doesn’t support RC and stripe integration?


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2 replies

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I guess what I am asking is:

is there a react native for web guide using stripe checkout integration? I want that purchase to be reported to RC to have a single source of truth (data) for ios, android and web

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Hey @nat-serrano !


We have some useful documents that will help with this. It sounds like there might be an issue with you not sending the Stripe tokens to RevenueCat after a purchase has been made. I recommend checking out the guide here for more help with that:


As for a Stripe sample app, we have the following:


Let me know if that helps!